About Us

Derrick & Callie started PenDACK Sports Nutrition after moving to Idaho specifically for this purpose, to not only become business owners but to help others with their specific health and fitness goals. We are devoted to God, our family & our community.

We have a diverse background in the fitness & nutrition field. Callie has been devoted in overall health & wellness after a few hurdles she was challenged with, from a severe weight gain with her first pregnancy to being diagnosed with a Autoimmune disease.  She chose to become very educated in food & supplement knowledge as well as proper physical fitness training. She continues to build her knowledge and research for quality supplements.

Derrick has been involved in athletics most of his life and has worked in the fitness industry in a large gym in the past. He has experience in numerous sports (Football, Baseball, Golf, CrossFit) as well as working hand in hand with first responders (Both for the tactical side and the mountainous terrain side) and/or people in that field. He has a desire to help each individual with what THEY want to achieve.

Their family has a HUGE passion for the outdoors. Anything they can do together outside makes them feel the most joy. They hunt, fish, camp, hike & enjoy all God has made for them to see!

We believe in treating people with honesty & integrity, helping where we can & putting others first. We can help with clean, quality supplements to take your health and/or fitness goals to where ever you want them to be!   

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